No Denver Basketball Courts, No Problem

No Denver Basketball Courts, No Problems

Denver Basketball Courts In Short Supply?

If you drive through the typical neighborhood in America today it is a rare thing to see kids playing or practicing their game in local parks or driveways. If you go local recs or athletic clubs you are more likely to see kids playing or improving their craft but not at the rate many coaches and trainers would like. Many young basketball players complain that they never have a place practice but many of us know this isn’t a viable excuse. Here are a few ways you can work on your game without a court or a hoop just using a ball.

Ball handing Work Does Not Require a Basketball Court

Ball handling is something you can do without a court all you need is a hard surface like the drive way, garage, or basement floor. Your surface doesn’t even need to be concreate or paved many great basketball players have grown up on packed dirt courts. When practicing your handles be sure to always treat both hands equally and even give your week hand more attention when time is available. To add to the challenge use two balls of different sizes or one full basketball and on partially deflated ball. A tennis ball should also be in the mix to help build hand dexterity and improve hand eye coordination. If you run out of ball handling drills try doing them while wearing work or gardening gloves.

Practice Your Shot Away From the Rim

Shooting form can always be improved upon and doesn’t need a hoop for that improvement. Lying on your back and doing ball flips into the air is a great way to perfect shooting muscle memory with limited space. Make sure to keep your elbow in, flick your wrist, and only use your guild hand to guild! If you can get to a wall that is 10-12 feet tall you can also do your flips stand up. To do this just do your normal shooting motion out of your triple threat stance. The goal is to have the ball hit the wall on the way down and to hit the same target on the wall every time.

Gain Feel and Touch

Finally just using a basketball you can improve your strength and agility as well as maintain your conditioning. Use the basketball as an unstable surface to do push-ups on using both hands on the ball or alternating each hand on the ball. To improve leg strength and explosiveness put one foot on the ball while keeping the other in the air, then pushing through your heal drive your hips into the air, repeat using the other leg. To improve core strength do planks on with your hands on the ball or feet to challenge yourself.

The bottom line is don’t let what you don’t have limit your ability to get better.  Perfecting these little skills off of a court can greatly enhance what you get out of workouts on the court. Also when the weather is cooperating go to your local park or out to the hoop in your driveway and work on your skills there. Do what you can, with what you have,  whenever you can do it.