4 Tips To Increase Your Basketball IQ

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Let’s Increase Basketball IQ

Every day you will hear coaches talking about the importance of players having a high basketball IQ. You will hear commentators during games on TV talk about certain players have high basketball intelligence or how their high basketball IQ is what makes them a good player. What does basketball IQ mean? The answer to this question is constantly debated by basketball coaches on all levels. Some things that come up in these debates are knowledge of style of play, understanding how to play with in ones skill set, and an individual’s commitment to studying and understanding the game. This article is intended to provide young basketball players with a guild of how to improve their IQ and how coaches want players to think while playing the game.

  1. Whenever you are receiving coaching try not only to practice the skill or run the play but practice your ability to listen to everything your coach says. Usually throughout a practice or workout coaches will add little nuggets of basketball knowledge that you can apply to your game. Key phrases you should listen for from coaches are “here another option”, “this is what really good players do”, and “you want playing time do this.” Players that pick up these little bits of basketball knowledge usually get good quickly and have a broad knowledge of the game.
  2. Expose yourself to deferent styles of play. Your coach will want to fit with their system but learning about other systems both offensively and defensively can dramatically increase your basketball IQ. The easiest way to do this is to play for or be trained by coaches other than your schools coach. Working with a basketball trainer or playing AAU basketball can help get you exposure to different philosophies and systems.
  3. Go play with older more experienced basketball players. If you can play with older players against better competition their knowledge will rub off on you if you pay attention. Older players will usually share little nuggets of information because they want you to be successful while you are playing with them. Also watching and emulating skills and movements that they use to score, get others open, or get stops on defense will help train your eye to pick up new skills.
  4. Finally the most important thing a young basketball player can do study what college and professional teams do. Every chance you get to watch a good college basketball game on TV take it! During the basketball season there is a game with a good basketball program on every night. Look for the systems that teams run, watch what individual players do on defense, and see what coaches draw up after timeouts. Also watching professional basketball games can expand your overall knowledge. Be careful when watching the pro’s play there are many bad habits that they have that won’t fly in youth and high school basketball. When watching the pros watch how efficient they are with their movements and how they are masters of the simplest plays like the pick and roll, drive and kick, and give and go. Until your eye is trained to catch high IQ plays during game play record the game and then watch certain parts over and over. If a great play is made, try to understand from the film why it happened. This is a winning formula for increasing your basketball IQ.

Using a basketball trainer to help you increase your basketball IQ is a proven method that Denver Youth Basketball players have embraced.  Let’s get started working together today!