How To Know If You Have a Good Basketball Coach

Denver Basketball Coach

Wondering About Your Basketball Coach?

As basketball trainers we have conversations with parents about their son or daughters coaches. Unfortunately many of these conversations aren’t very positive. Many parents feel their coach isn’t qualified enough, doesn’t care about their child, or they can be doing more than they already are. This may be true and there are a lot of coaches out there that shouldn’t be coaching the level that they are or shouldn’t be coaching at all. On the other hand there are many qualified coaches out there that are more than capable to coach your child and help them succeed if you meet them in the middle on most things. For starters good basketball players don’t always turn out to be good coaches. Many times former players struggle with teaching the game to youth players because they have been at such a high level for so long they have forgotten the steps it takes to get there. Many times youth coaches didn’t even play the game at the high school level. This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t coach the game. If they understand how to teach and are a student of coaching constantly trying to improve themselves then you should give them a chance. The world of coaching has changed drastically in the past 15-20 years. The Bob Knight coaching style of yelling every minute and having closed practices is starting to fade away. Many coaches welcome parents into practices as long as you aren’t a distraction to the practice itself. Watch your son or daughters practice and see what it is made up of. If it consists of skill development, practicing plays, different forms of completion, and game like drills then your coach probably knows what they are doing. On the other hand if the practice is all scrimmaging with little attention to individual detail and the coach looks distracted all the time, then you might want to rethink who your kid plays for. Professionalism is huge at all levels of the game when it comes to coaching. Coaches are always role models first and foremost weather they want to be or not. The kids they coach will almost always emulate their coaches persona on some level. If your coach is yelling at the refs, making excuses as to why the team isn’t doing well, or tearing down kids without every building them up then they probably lack what it takes to teach basketball. Coaches that understand the ref calls will eventually go their way and focus on what they have control over usually make the biggest impact on their kids. The bottom line is basketball at the high school level is becoming more and more like college. By that we mean parents and kids are better informed and know where the good coaches are in their area. Parents should do their homework and their best to find the best coach they can for their kid and not just settle for the one that was assigned to your kids team by the local rec center. If we demand coaches to become better in the right ways they will or they fall out of the profession. Either way your basketball player gets the best possible experience from the sport.