Denver Youth Basketball: Be Ready On The Catch


Denver Youth Basketball Tip:  Be Ready On The Catch

One of the most common mistakes seen throughout Denver youth basketball and even at the high school level is the lack of preparedness before players receive the ball. There are many excuses that come to mind when looking at this topic like lack of focus, lack of attention to detail, and just a general lack of basketball skill knowledge. We view being unprepared as a lack of skills and train athletes to always be ready for anything on the offensive end.

Being ready to catch the ball and react at all times gives you an advantage over the defense and allows you to make up for team mistakes like bad passes.  Also being ready on the catch gives you that split second advantage over the defense to shoot, drive, or pass. You’re limiting your scoring chances if you don’t always catch in a stance.

Understand that you don’t need to run around in a triple threat position on offense you just need to be aware of where the ball is, what your personal spacing is to it, and always ready to catch in your triple threat stance. Good offensive players always make sure their feet, hips, and hands are ready. Then when all of these things are locked in muscle memory every basketball player needs to meet every pass intended for them.

To build the habit of catching in the ready stance athletes need to practice getting their feet and hands ready while the pass is in the air during all offensive drills. Work on moving to spots where they will catch on offense and all possible scoring opportunities from those spots. Finally they practice how to get open against any situation they may face in a game.

Denver Youth Basketball Players need to focus on being ready on the catch.