Denver Basketball Training

Denver Basketball Training

The key to great Denver basketball training is in the skills.  Our kids don’t need any more plays, traps, or gimmicks taught by well intention-ed coaches who never played the game.  We have trained hundreds of players.  We played the game at the collegiate level.  And we are determined to give your game the skills you need to be successful and grow your game.


Denver Basketball Training Lessons

-Ball handling

-Hand /eye coordination

-Basketball shooting form

– Basketball shooting off the dribble

– Moving without the ball to get open

– Training to shoot on the catch

-Building your game from the athletic position

-Building footwork from the athletic position

-Change of speed without the ball

-Change of speed with the ball

-Understanding how to be game strong

-Basketball injury prevention

-Proper nutrition for athletes


Denver Basketball Training… under pressure

Our philosophy involves training in small groups of 2-5 kids depending on the curriculum.  This number is critical to be able to catch kids doing things right to reinforce that behavior.  Keeping numbers low allow us to stop and support kids as they struggle.  We don’t simply look the other way and shake our heads when a kid shoots a layup off the wrong foot.  We teach the why, how, and specific details.  We demonstrate at a high level.    And then we walk thru it.

We often see kids excel under this systematic learning and attention.  We add pressure in training (hence small group) to ensure we produce a game like environment to forge our young players into steel “gamers.”

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