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Use Technology To Improve Your Game

Basketball players today should appreciate the opportunities they have available to them at this time. Every day there are new forms of technology that help players improve their game. Five, ten, fifteen years ago there wasn’t half the equipment available that we have today and this technology is becoming more and more effective each year. There are balls with microchips in them, shooting machines that can pass a ball full court, and countless apps and programs that you have at your fingertips on your tablet or cell phone.

Some of this technology is worth the money and some of it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. We want to share with you the technology we think is worthwhile and can maximize your time training. Some of it is the latest and greatest and some of it has been around for a while but is proven to make a players life easier.

The 94fifty ball is a new piece of technology that has come out that can help you improve your basketball skills. The 94fifty ball mainly focuses on shooting and dribbling giving you a tool to help you improve your game when you are alone or when you are practicing with a friend. The ball tracks many things like shot angle, shot accuracy, and dribble rate allowing you to make adjustments. The app that you can download on your phone gives you this instant feedback and also helps create competitions so you can compete against your friends.

The Gun or Dr. Dish are two great shooting machines that are a great way to get up hundreds of shots by yourself. They are not really necessary when shooting with your trainer or teammates, but some trainers use it then as well.  The gun is a shooting machine that rebounds and passes you the ball while keeping track of your makes and misses and then showing your percentage for the session. Dr. Dish packs a little more punch and can be used more easily by coaches in practice. The Dr. Dish does almost the same thing that the gun does but it gives you more game like passes and it can be set up anywhere on a court facing any angle. Dr. Dish also records your makes and misses and allows you to program your own work out plans into it. Both of these shooting machines can help you get the reps needed shooting to build more accurate muscle memory.

Video has been around for years but it is still used by coaches and basketball trainers to help basketball players improve their game at all levels.  Video of practice, games, or training sessions can be broken down and give you a better idea of what you need to improve. Video can be watched by yourself or with a coach/trainer. Before you view film on your own, work with a trainer breaking down your film so you can train your eye to watch for mistakes you are making.

All of these training aids can help improve your game by yourself but they are much more effective with a trainer. Contact your basketball trainer to see if any of these can be incorporated into your training.