Basketball Players Guide to the Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer Basketball

Basketball Players Guild to the Dog Days of Summer

In the spring most players, coaches, and parents are excited for all of the camps and training that sits before them. As we sit here now past the half-way point in the summer many players are feeling wear of training five days, weight room work outs 4 days a week, and playing in 50 plus games. The summer is a grind just like the actual basketball season. Learning how to embrace the grind of the summer can help propel you into a very successful winter season. Here are a few tips of how to embrace the grind of the summer and come out the other side galvanized for a good season.

Remember Nutrition and Hydration Principles

Many young basketball players forget about hydration and nutrition. If you are working on your game 3 hours a day all summer long that means that you need to maintain hydration throughout workouts but even more importantly throughout the rest of your day. Maintaining a high caloric intake is even more important when you are working this hard every day. The average person is supposed to consume 2,000 calories a day what basketball players need to realize they are not the average person when they are training day in and day out. Basketball players should consume at least 2,500-3500 calories a day to maintain their current body composition. If they want to increase their muscle mass they should consume more calories each day and consume high amounts of protein.

Sleep In

Ensuring that you are getting enough rest can be essential to maximizing what you are getting out of your summer training. Seven to eight hours of sleep each day is enough to help you recover from the previous days training. Not enough sleep can lead to you not recovering fully each day and too much sleep can lead to you being lethargic in your workouts. Also something that is key to maximizing your summer training is maintaining a normal sleep cycle throughout the summer. Many young athletes think they can just sleep in everyday during the summer but maintaining a normal sleep cycle can limit days where you aren’t getting the max out of your workouts.

Roll It Out

Do your body a favor and use a foam roller after every work out and a take a trip to a massage therapist or chiropractor at least once a month. Foam rolling helps release tension in the fascia tissue and it can help the body shuttle toxins out of muscles that may have collected from previous workouts. Massage therapists can also help keep muscles healthy and performing at their optimal capacity. Chiropractors can make sure your body is in alignment and relieve muscle tension caused by bones being out of line. Not only will these therapies help maintain proper athletic health they usually make you feel extremely good and can revitalize your motivation.

Chill Out

Try scheduling in at least one break in your summer, lasting at least four days. By just taking some time off and getting away from basketball can rejuvenate your passion to become better and give your body a must needed break. Also try to mix in fun or some type of competition at least every other day to help break up the grind of everyday training.